Here are some of the services we offer, but are not limited to. If there's something you need, feel free to email me at

30 minute walk $20.00

45 minute walk $25.00

60 minute walk $30.00

This a regular walk around the neighborhood. If you have specific areas you would like us to visit just let us know!


Overnight pet sitting $60.00

I have several crates in different to keep your fuzzy friend safe while I'm out. We try to take them with us as much as possible, but no matter what they will get 3 walks minimum and as many meals as necessary. If there are special needs for your pet there may be an additional charge.

Pet feeding $20.00

We will stop by to feed, refill water, clean litter, and even give cuddles. This of course apply's to all fuzzy friends, not just felines.

Daily Deal 10% off

If you need daily walks for you fuzzy friend we offer a 10% discount. We'll set up a template that will automatically approve weekly, to make it easy. Just let me know if you need a day cancelled and I'll remove it. Don't worry if you don't work to a set schedule I'm more than happy to approve on a weekly or even daily basis!

Set up your account today!

To start scheduling with us you just need to click the new user button below and create a account. Once activated you can use the existing user portal or the link you received in the confirmation email. Once your account is created you'll be able leave me messages and start scheduling right away. Scheduling is simple. It's a calendar system which allows you to select the day and time range you would prefer. At the end of each visit you will receive an email that will show you the GPS tracked route we walked, what time we started walking, and any comments about the walk.


We do require a card on file, but you will not be charged unless you've approved it or if the bill is over a month past due.


I can't wait to meet your fuzzy friend!